Lions Club BBQ Photo Album

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ATTENDEES: Marguerite (Balzer) McCurdy ['60], Ginny (Bopp '59) and Al Springer, Dick Cheetham ['60], Bob Cheetham ['59], Linda (Latourette '59) & Charles Curtin ['60], Sandy (Gechtman '59) & Will Hoover, Fred Grimes ['58], Vivian Holt ['59], Bill ['59] & Claire Long, Mike ['59] & Jeanne (Lay '60) Nicklos, Sara (Parise '59) & Ed Ridolph, Juanita (Peacock '59) Starkweather, Joyce (Peters '59) and Joel Langbaum, Gini Seamans ['60], Polly Thompson ['63], Karen (Turman '59) & Bob Jones, Judy (Cropp) Ricker ['60], Wally Clark ['59 - Photographer], Steve Hagberg ['59], Janet (Banks) Paasch ['58], JoAnn (McCranie) Bender ['59], Tom Wallace ['57], Jim Borgman (the DJ), Jerry Worley ?, Joan Cavalier (widow of John Cavalier '57), Carolyn (Johnson '58) Onstead , Judy (Hitchner '59) & Bruce Walton ['57], Pete (Thomas '57) and Sue Wallace, Alan & Patti Stone ['57]

Not all are in the group photo

Wally Clark's Group Photo




Bob Cheetham, Polly Thompson, Pete and Sue Wallace, Joan Cavalier, Claire Long and JoAnn (McCranie) Bender

Joyce (Peters) and Joel Langbaum

Will and Sandy (Gechtman) Hoover and Vivian (Holt) Comprosky

Ed & Sara (Parise) Ridolph, Janet (Paasch) Banks, Gini (Seamans) Parker, Bruce & Judy (Hitchner) Walton

Mike & Jeanne Nicklos, Charlie & Linda (LaTourette) Curtin, Ginny (Bopp) Springer

JoAnn (McCranie Bender, Karen (Turman) Jones, Wally Clark