The Hialeah High 2017 Reunion
Cruise & Barbeque

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THE CRUISE: It was a great event. See Linda Shipley Rompot's original cruise announcement at:  Lots of great memories and fun.  The cruisers were (in no particular order):

Paul and Emily Gabelmann Eddie and Andrea Frye Beverly (Calvert) Boggs Polly Thompson
Bob Cheetham Mike and Jeanie (Lay) Nicklos Tom and Linda (Shipley) Rompot Al and Ginny (Bopp) Springer
Marguerite (Balzer) McCurdy Judy (Cropp) Ricker Bill and Claire Long Bob and Camille Tafel
Bill and Carol McIver Don and Brenda (Balowski) Henderson Janet (Paasch) Banks Linda Corbitt

Wilbur and Sandy (Gechtman) Hoover embarked but Sandy experienced heart pain the first night and she and Wilbur were evacuated by helicopter from Half Moon Cay to Broward Hospital.

Cruise Group Photo - Click on this link

THE BARBEQUE:  The venue was the Miami Springs Lions Club on Nov 12, 2017, the day after the cruise.  Karen (Turman) Jones coordinated the arrangements and did a great job. The attendees were (in no particular order):

Marguerite (Balzer) McCurdy ['60] Ginny (Bopp '58) and Al Springer Dick Cheetham Linda (Latourette '59) & Charles Curtin ['60]
Sandy (Gechtman '59) & Will Hoover Fred Grimes ['58] Vivian Holt ['59] Bill ['59] & Claire Long
Mike ['59] & Jeanie (Lay '60) Nicklos Sara (Parise '59) & Ed Ridolph Juanita (Peacock '59) Starkweather Joyce (Peters '59) and Joel Langbaum
Gini Seamans ['60] Polly Thompson ['63] Karen (Turman '59) & Bob Jones, Judy (Cropp) Ricker ['60]
Wally Clark ['59 - Photographer] Steve Hagberg ['58] Janet (Banks) Paasch ['58] JoAnn (McCranie) Bender ['59]
Pete (Thomas '57) and Sue Wallace Jim Borgman (the DJ) Joan Cavalier (widow of John Cavalier '57) Carolyn (Johnson '58) Onstad
Judy (Hitchner '59) & Bruce Walton ['57] Alan & Patti Stone ['57] Jerry Worley  

BBQ Group Photo - Click on this link

THE DVD:  Mike Nicklos prepared a DVD Memory of the cruise and the barbeque.  Copies of the DVD disc are available from Mike (239-208-9225).  An online video of the DVD can be seen and downloaded from this link:

Click here to download the DVD video