Hialeah High School 2009 Reunion for the Classes of '57, '58, '59 & '60
Golden Thoroughbreds
"Those Were The Days My Friends"

Hialeah High School Alumni Reunion Book "Moments to Remember" Information
Complete and send information below even if you are unable to attend. This information will be included in the 2009 "Moments to Remember" reunion book that will be available to all Golden Thoroughbreds following the reunion.

Classmate Information
First Name       Middle Name   Maiden or Last Name  
Married Name
Postal Address
City              State                         Zip
Email Address
Home Phone Cell Phone                  Work Phone
Date of Birth                                                         Hialeah High Class Year
Marital Status:        Single             Married            Widow/Widower   
Date of Marriage          

Spouse Information
First Name   Maiden Name   Last Name
Spouse High School        Spouse Yr Grad
Children's Names & Ages:


Please share highlights of your school memories, events, teachers, family gatherings, reunions, career, crises, military service anything you wish to share:

Print and snailmail to:     Bob Cheetham, Hialeah High School Reunion Committee Chairman, 6914 Holly Road, Miami Lakes, FL, 33014