The Joy Newport Jepson Genealogy Files

The late Mrs. Joy Newport Jepson (1931-2011), of Silver Spring, Maryland, was a distant cousin of mine.  She did extensive research on her family history.  It was a last request that her papers be shared.  Her files are presently in 24 boxes in the possession of her estate's executor, Walter R. Jepson of Friendsville, Maryland and are available to researchers able to travel to Friendsville.   Friendsville is located on the Youghiogheny River in the northwestern corner of Maryland and is renowned by the whitewater kayaking/rafting community.  Commercial lodging is available.  Researchers that wish to view the files should contact Mr. Jepson via email to make arrangements.

I have scanned a small sample of documents from her files that were of interest to me, and posted them below.  You are welcome to copy and share them and cite them as being from the "Joy Newport Jepson Collection".   

Joy Jepson Ancestral Chart

Long Lockwood Documents

Burroughs Letter

First American Newport - William Newport

The Generation Before Jesse Newport

Misc Pages From Thomas Newport Folder

Thomas Newport Born In England

Thomas Newport - First Families of America

Thomas Newport of Jesse

Thomas Newport Pedigree Chart

Thomas Newport to Jesse - Bill of Sale

William Newport

The collection includes an extensive amount of folders relating to allied surnames: Butt, Linsley, Benjamin, Howard, Baxter, Grimond, Hook, Railsback, Nason, Rhode, Stevens, Murray, Brown, Train and others.  See the Joy Jepson Ancestral Chart above for complete list.

This webpage prepared and posted by Bill Long of Crofton, Maryland, a distant cousin of Joy and Walter.  The Long/Newport connection is via the marriage of Jesse Newport (b. abt 1734 Delaware) and Elizabeth Long.   email Bill